Here is the perfect solution for theatre students who want to study in the USA

Why study drama?

Amazing opportunities

Did you know that a drama degree program can give you access to amazing performance opportunities? A US university boasts excellent facilities such as theatres, fully equipped scene and costume shops, and a design lab. A Drama major performs, directs, manages, designs and produces plays, musical theatre and dance performances on campus. 


There is so much more to the performing arts than acting, directing, dancing, or designing. From technical roles to working in wardrobe. Many careers in theatre are showing promising growth. Acting opportunities, particularly those in digital media, are growing faster than in most industries. Performing arts teachers are also in high demand, with job vacancies increasing by more than 36% since 2004

Explore your passion

As somebody that has a passion for drama, you want to pursue your dream of becoming a successful actor, director or just be part of the elite that prepare for a career in the theatre. Theatre students learn to use their voices and bodies and minds and hearts to make magic on stage. You want to study drama at university but you don’t have a big enough budget. We all know studying doesn’t come cheap, so it’s reassuring to know that there is financial help available to help talented students in the performing arts and, in this particular instance, drama. 

If you’re looking at the possibility of securing a performing arts scholarship in the US, you’re in the right place. 

As an artist, very few people around you understand the intricacies of what you do, but that doesn’t make those intricacies any less important. Studying performing arts at university is the beginning of an understanding that the rest of the world has no context for what you actually need to learn how to do in order to be decent at what you do.

Sport USA has the solution to get you there. Where?

A university in the USA, where you can study drama and apply for a scholarship in order to pursue your passion for drama.

This is where the 5 stages of Art USA will help you.

Stage 1 - Branding

We start by creating your brand; we prepare a recruitment portfolio.

The portfolio contains:

Stage 2 - Registration

There are a few administrative actions to take before you can get an audition

Stage 3 - Marketing

Art USA has established personal connections and relationships within our network of universities. In this stage, we send your portfolio to the various universities we have identified as your interest and we broaden the search to find the right fit for you.

Stage 4- Decisions

We help you prepare for the auditions held by the various Universities as each university has its own requirements and give you guidance on deciding about the right one for you. After the Auditions we guide you on getting the right financial support for you in terms of the scholarships offered by the University.

Stage 5 - Final Steps

This Stage is the most exciting, as it is our final stage. The decisions have been made and you are on your way to the USA. The ultimate steps are to apply for:

The Art USA Way

Art USA is part of Sport USA that have a 100% placement rate at US universities. We provide the best tools & personal guidance to our students. To secure an opportunity to attend a USA University.

Our dedicated team of specialist talent management consultants have assisted many talented young drama students through successful partnerships with top U.S universities. In addition to this, we also have personal guidance, processes, and support tools in place to help you along the way, so we’re with you every step of the way.

Our individually designed programmes provide bespoke recruitment to Performing Art Students of all levels.

We can provide this level of service to only a good deal of music, drama and dance students annually. This service goes far beyond helping you fill in the application form (although, we do also do this!) and we guide you through every step of your university performing arts experience.

To be eligible, you have to be:

Financial Aid

American Universities offer a comprehensive financial aid program based on recognition of both academic excellence and showed financial need. We work with students and their families to supplement their financial resources and make an American University education possible.

*Variable estimated costs based on financial circumstances and elective expenses.

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What is Next?

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